Difficulty: 7/10

Players: 2-8

Time: 60 Minutes

In this scenario, players are being challenged by the school principal to partake in his new form of detention. Will you take his wager?  If you are successful then you may leave as soon as your done. However, should you fail you will spend the next month in detention writing lines from the school’s rule book on the blackboard.




Difficulty: 8/10

Players: 4-10

Time: 60 Minutes

IYou and your team are off the books investigators for the FBI, and have been enlisted to solve a rather challenging mystery. A murdered widow left her fortune and the unknown heir behind. You must find the fortune and rightful heir. Remember this is a covert operation, you must not be caught. You have been given intel that within the hour the authorities will arrive, and the FBI will deny all relations with your team. Your only choice is to figure this out or go to prison

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The year is 1580 and you're aboard one of Sir Francis Drake's ships. As a privateer he was enlisted by Queen Elizabeth I and the English government to attack Spanish shipping routes. His fleet was in a fierce battle with the Spanish Armada where he lost 4 of his 5 ships. You and your crew are locked in a cell for an attempted mutiny on one of those sinking ships. With your ship going to Davey Jones' Locker quickly you must figure out how to get out of the cell and to the top deck before you and your crew drown. 


Players: 2-6

Difficulty: 4/10

Time: 60 minutes